Use / Application Accurately applies torque to threaded fasteners.
Product Type Electronic Torque Tool
Model ET2-72, ET2-80, ET2-92, ET2-119 (Various models available and in both 110V and 230V)
Range Models available from 200 to 7000 N.m (148 to 5160 lbf.ft)

The EvoTorque®2 is an electronic torque tool designed to accurately apply torque to threaded fasteners. Tools are factory calibrated to ±3% of reading. The unique ‘intelligent joint sensing’ technology continually measures the joint during tightening and when necessary, employs dynamic braking to avoid torque over-shoot due to motor inertia. Consequently, EvoTorque®2 can apply torque accurately over a wide range of joint rates from hard (high torque rate) through to soft (low torque rate). All EvoTorque®2 tools are highly tolerant of supply voltage and frequency variation. If the supply voltage is outside of tolerance then, as a safety feature, the tool will be prevented from starting.

ET2-72-1000 / ET2-72-1350:
Part numbers: 180230.B06 / 180220.B06 / 180231.B06 / 180221.B06

Part numbers: 180232.B08 / 180222.B08

Part numbers: 180239.B08 / 180229.B08

ET2-92-3500 / ET2-92-4000:
Part numbers: 180237.B08 / 180227.B08 / 180238.B08 / 180228.B08

ET2-119-6000 / ET2-119-7000:
Part numbers: 180235.B12 / 180225.B12 / 180236.B12 / 180226.B12

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