TORQ Fusion Tools

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Eastern Pneumatics & Hydraulics is proud to announce that we are now an authorized distributor of TORQ Fusion tools, pneumatic torque wrenches.

TORQ Fusion is a premium brand of precision torque wrenches established by a group of engineers with extensive experience in the industry. If you require reliable tools that are ergonomic and rugged, then you must try the TORQ Fusion experience!

These tools are manufactured using advanced materials ranging from the lightweight, unbreakable housing, to the exotic steels utilized throughout the gearbox. TORQ Fusion products are modular, allowing endless combinations of torque outputs, accessories and drive types. They are turn-key systems, factory calibrated together such that the performance achieved in the lab is always the same in the field.

TORQ Fusion constantly analyzes the leading torque wrenches on the market, identifies areas of improvement and incorporates innovative solutions in their products.


torq fusion GT800PSS  torq fusion GT500PSS  torq fusion GT800PSS  torq fusion FRL 


TORQ Fusion GT Series Battery Torque Wrenches:

GT200EBS, GT500EBS, GT800EBS, GT1300EBS, GT2600EBS


TORQ Fusion GT Series Pneumatic Torque Wrenches:

GT200PSS, GT500PSS, GT800PSS, GT1300PSS, GT2600PSS


TORQ Fusion Pneumatic Torque Wrenches:

WHEEL BOLTING - solutions GT Series