Tireman ll Torque Wrench®


Eastern Pneumatics & Hydraulics, Inc. introduces the new TIREMAN II TORQUE WRENCH® that helps prevent over-torquing of lugs or wheel nuts.

The TIREMAN II TORQUE WRENCH® now has stronger internal springs, the welding at the ratchet and the break-back is more detailed and the ratcheting assembly has been improved.

Available in 4 models:

  • 6-TM6001 II-1"
  • 6-TM7501 II-1"
  • 6-TM600 II-3/4"
  • 6-TM750 II-3/4"

We also carry extension arms.

EPH (Eastern Pneumatics & Hydraulics) offers a wide variety of tools and services geared specifically to the trucking industry. 

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