Tensioning Tools

Skidmore-Wilhelm Testing Equipment

The complete Skidmore-Wilhelm product line covers a range of fastener and assembly tool testing product for both industrial and construction applications. 

All Skidmore-Wilhelm torque tension testers are rugged yet accurate. They are compact, portable and easy to use so they can be moved from the engineering lab to the shop floor.

Bolt Testing

The main considerations when choosing the proper Calibrator are: the size of the bolts you will be testing and the type of bolt head as you will need to purchase a plate for each diameter of bolt you will be testing and a bushing for each diameter and type.

Take a moment to view some of our Skidmore-Wilhelm bolt tension calibrator models such as; model MZ, model HS, Model K. As well as our line of wind tensioners by SPX POWER TEAM.

 If you require other tool testing equipment email us at info@ephtools.com

*Skidmore-Wilhelm bolt tension calibrators available for rent, please see our Tool Rentals section or call us today!