Frequency: 50-60Hz
Voltage (Single Phase): 115V
Max Current: 13.5A
Max. Power: 1100W
Rated Max Torque: 500 N.m (370 lbf.ft)
Controllable Torque Range: 300-500 N.m (220-370 lbf.ft)
Rated No-load Speed: 25 rpm
Repeated Accuracy: ± 5%
Adaptable Bolt: Hex. Bolt
Weight: 5.3 kg (excludes Socket & Cord)
Insulation: Single Insulation
Extension Cord: Refer to Instruction manual
Product Identification: As Rating Plate

Voltage (Single Phase): 220V
Max Current: 6.5A

Reaction Bars: Q-Type 5QH (1), L-Type 50LH80 (1), I-Type 50H190 (1)
HSH Screw M6 x 6: (5)
Metal Case: M-36 (1)
Allen Key: APL-03
Instruction manual (1)Connector (STC5TE, STC5TE-K ME2628-N 200V)

Torque Control Function
Control Torque in CW/CCW

  are subject to change without notice.



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