Skidmore Model K

Skidmore-Wilhelm Bolt Tester

skimorewilhelm_model k calibratorMODEL K Bolt-Tension Calibrator

*Skidmore-Wilhelm bolt tension calibrators available for rent, please see our Tool Rentals section or call us today!

Designed for 1-1/2" to 2-1/2" Square drives.

Fastener Testing:

1. Attach the proper size plate to front of unit with four 5/16-18 screws (furnished). Install the proper size bushing in rear of unit, making sure that it is correctly positioned onto the dowel pins. Install washer and nut on bolt protruding through the tester and tighten to snug condition. The bolt and nut are now ready to be tightened to the desired clamp load.

2. IMPACT WRENCH TESTING: Attach test plate to the front of the unit with four 5/16-18 screws (furnished). Install test bolt through the rear of the unit and locate over the dowel pins. Attach the retainer over the bolt head to prevent the bolt from being pushed back. Install proper size brass washer and nut onto bolt. Before snugging up the nut and washer, apply test bolt lubricant (part # R-0050) to threads and mating surfaces to provide constant friction. After the nut has been snugged, it may be tightened by the impact wrench. After an appropriate interval, or when the wrench stalls, stop the tool and record the tension reading to establish the tool’s test standard or norm. Operate the tool in reverse to back off the nut, and repeat the test.