Adjustable click-style torque wrench

With a capacity of 600 Ft.Lbs

click style torque wrench


CW & CCW Click-Style Torque Wrench, 32 teeth Ratchet

  • Each tool is factory calibrated to an accuracy of ±4%
  • Chrome-molybdenum ratchet gear and fully heat treated handle.
  • Guaranteed to meet ISO 6789, U.S Fed. GGG-W-686D and ANSI Spec. B107.14M.
  • Bi-Directional click mechanism will allow you to rotate the wrench body clockwise or counter clockwise to your desired torque measurement.
  • Accuracy: CW: +/-4%, CCW: +/-6%
  • Comes complete with certificate of calibration

For more information on the MCC600 view the information sheet.