July 14, 2014

TORQ Fusion GT2600PSS

GT2600PSS Pneumatic Torque Wrench



torq fusion pneumatic torque wrench

The GT2600PSS is a complete torque delivery solution. At the heart of this system is a powerful pneumatic vane motor 

coupled to a precision multi stage planetary gearbox. The motor is powered by an instrument grade pneumatic regulator for increased repeatability and overall system accuracy. The GT2600PSS features a modular design allowing the

 user to quickly remove the reaction assembly transforming it into an 800 ft-lb tool. The system is versatile enough to be used with any of our extensions in both 2600 and 800 modes. TORQ Fusion® created a tool which is significantly lighter than other products currently on the market by employing an impact resistant polymer composite motor housing and using various exotic alloy steels and proprietary designs throughout the planetary gearbox. Our systems stand out from competing pneumatic torque wrenches for various reasons ranging from the way the whole system is calibrated together to the intuitive features of the system.


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